Bittel's connectivity panel include mediajack-3a, mediajack-4a and HSIA Adaptor For Hotels
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                                                                                       Brief Introduction

ˇˇ MediaFi 3 is the third generation of guestroom multi-media entertainment control center, which integrates Apple iDevices dock, digital tuning FM radio, Hi-Fi Stereo speaker, multimedia connectivity panel and hotel phone in one. This product not only provides easy media access through TV but also enables guests to conveniently charge their portable devices. ˇˇ




ˇˇ ˇˇ ˇˇ
Main Functions of Connectivity Panel:
 ˇń Last input signal priority and automatically switching ˇń Apple 30pins connection
    back the previous signal after last input signal ˇń Apple 8pins connection
    disconnected. ˇń MicroUSB connection
ˇń Automatic standby function if no signal inputting for a ˇń3.5 audio jack designed specially for music
   certain period (10minutes default) to save energy.   streaming.
ˇń Music streaming on MediaFi stereo speaker through
   Apple iDevices dock and 3.5mm audio jack. Hotel phone features:
ˇń Radio/Alarm/Clock adjusting on LED Screen. ˇń VOL, FLASH, REDIAL
ˇń Special-designed wireless time cloner, convenient to ˇń Busy tone disconnected automatically
   calibrate the clock time, and day light saving time. ˇń 3 speed dial service buttons
ˇń Optional Bluetooth, WiFi function. ˇń Message waiting light indicator
ˇń LED indicator light to achieve inputs-switching
Dimension and Approvals:
Charging station features: Dimensions: 375ˇÁ160ˇÁ155(mm)
MediaFi 3 integrated a UNIQUE charging station cable Box Dimension: 590ˇÁ450ˇÁ380(mm)
which  provide four most popular smart phone and tablet Package (set/carton): 6 Set/Carton
PC charging connections. CE, CCC ISO9001 Quality Control


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