About Bittel

Founded in 1989 ,Shandong Bittel Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd (Bittel) has more than 25 years experience in domestic and oversea telecom and hospitality market . We make up this dynamic worldwide organization with more than 600 employees. We own two modern assembly plants with 6 SMT modern machine and 10 complete product lines , providing an annual production capacity of up to 800 thousand sets installed to world hotels.

Since 1998, taking our mission specializing in designing& developing , manufacturing for global hotel communication market, as the largest world's leading professional manufacture and supplier for hotel telephone products ,we have been focused on the global hospitality market for over 15 years. We always adhere to our particular four professional focusing strategy; professional design, professional manufacture, professional sales and professional service. And meanwhile we take persistance on new products innovation marketing strategy and keep on new products designment and development for Global hospitality market . Since 2007 , we started to search and develope bittel weak-current control system , bittel RMS (Room management system) development and marketing , which is controlled by our room management device HCD9888(40)TSD-10S(FK) & HCD9888(32)TSD-10S(FK)

Since 2008, we aggressively developed Bittel UNO series hotel telephone, then released bittel multi-media hotel telephone(hotel charging telephone set ), bittel intelligent multi-media connectors & control panels-bittel MediaFi(MFi),MediaJack (MJ) , in room Muti-Media connectors switch & panel .

Since 2011, we started to upgrade our Bittel RMS and we developed Bittel Guesstec RMS (Room management system ) instead of traditional basic bittel RMS , and we started to provide Guesstec RMS system solution controlled through modular RCU and first started in China market, then we expanded oversea market .

Since 2010, we started to search and develop bittel Guarddiary firearms cabinet for army and relevant market.

Since 2012, we started to develop Bittel Interactive Peephole System for hotel market , it can be installed not only individually in hotel guest room but also one part of our Guesttec RMS system to work with RMS .

Bittel always keeping move Forward ........

So Now, Bittel can integrate and provide all our products as an entire solution on same project in one time , to save your time,efforts but improve your sale achievements perfectly .Today, we, bittel has become the No.1 National brand in domestic hotel market, also has been well-known and become the first 2nd brand in global hotel market.

Taking our mission specializing in designing, manufacturing for global hotel communication market, we have earned important ISO9001 and ISO14000 certifications , and FCC,CE, CCC certificates,ROHS Directive etc .And we also have owned over 20 patents technology as our products highlights.

At these facility, With over 25years experience marketing operations in global hospitality market, we have already set up our perfect sale team system in China market , then expand oversea market , we have our affiliates operations in Americans, and set up our branch company in the world market : Bittel Americans branch company, bittel European branch company, Bittel South Asia branch company, Bittel SouthEast branch company, Bittel ME & Thailand Branch office , Bittel Africa branch company and Bittel CIS branch company ..etc Bittel nine(9) branch company . And bittel products has covered 80% domestic market share , 50% oversea market share.

Global sales channels'support makes bittel brand award lots of prestige .Approvals from International hotel groups ,such as Marriott , Hilton, Four Season ,Shangri-la, IneterCon, Rezidor, Carlson and interoperability with key PBX and IP-PBX manufacturers make we become strategic partners with Siemens , the golden partners with Avaya/Nortel , Alcatel , Philips and regional partner with NEC..etc Bittel is strongly positioned to serve the needs of the worldwide hospitality industry.

About Bittel Guesttec Room Management System

Bittel Guesttec RMS(Room Management System) is our specialized design comprehensive Auto intelligent Control system for Global hotel market, Bittel Guesttect system consists intelligent Lighting control,thermoset/Central AC control , Curtain control , TV control , Interactive Peephole system control . Guesttec system has perfect intelligent ,network& standardized operation and control management .

We put the design, development and production into a streamline in an professional way.Bittel Guesttec RMS adopts the most stable TCP/IP communication mode, fast response, easy for installation.Bittel Guesttec System(BGS) adopts Client/Server (C/S) system structure, the most stable one in the world of software. BGS can be installed in 32-bit or 64-bit operating system, such as WINDOWS 2000/XP/VISTA/WIN7, etc.. User-friendly interface is vivid and easy to be operated. The Database adopts the powerful Microsoft SQL Server database management system, programmed by Turbo Pascal language. Through BGS communication system, the real-time data of all the room information is collected (written into the database for the convenience of analysis and inquiry), such as "NO disturb", "Make up room", the door status,"SOS","want to checkout" ,"cleaning","under maintenance", the actual temperature of air conditioning room, the setup temperature of air conditioning room, the mode (refrigeration heating ventilation), the wind speed (low to medium high automatic) and the communication failures, etc, and all these information will be transmitted to the RCU. The Software is to be connected into the hotel's internal LAN, based on the hotel party's needs, management personnel use the relevant authorized user name and password to log in and do relevant operations..

Software, through the way of "Socket", connects to the hotel management system, and can provide all the information of each hotel room's status. It can provide not only the real-time SQL records but also the historical SQL records.

Rich in interfaces, Guesttec system can be compatible with BMS & PMS of project (hotel .etc) , fully participate in the hotel network management. It Uses programming interface of ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) database management system to do data exchange with other system. Socket communication method can support relevant data exchange with many hotel management systems (such as MICROS-FIDELIO), realizing the dynamic management of the room status.

Also can be compatible with different types of door lock systems to read the preset information of the door lock card or manage the Network door lock system combined with Guesttec RMS into one system Guesttec can integrate lift control device, parking lot control equipment, etc. one-card solution equipments